Student Appreciation Night April 26th!

Hi everyone! join me on April 26th at 7 PM for a student appreciation night.  Enjoy a free 1.5 hour yoga class (a mix of gentle active poses and yummy relaxation poses) as my thanks for being so great to me and Serenity Wellness Center.  The class will be appropriate for those totally new to yoga as well, so bring a friend! If you bring someone new to my classes you both receive a $10 credit for future sessions!

Serenity Wellness Center

800 Horace Street

Tuesday April 26th, 7 PM

RSVP Here!

Only 8 spots left so sign up soon!

See you in class!


Comforting things

20150921_163216 (1)

That burnout post was way too serious to leave there any more.  It’s fall and this proud “basic bitch” is so happy to embrace the comforts of this season including the PSL.  But as you can see from the photo I haven’t said “See you next year!” to all of summer yet.

This is my list of awesome stuff that I have been giving myself during my lazy, languid bouts of self care.

  1. Hot showers with this body wash.  It smells all kinds of citrusy goodness.  I would take baths but until I have a big enough bathtub to actually fit me showers it is.
  2. Coloring pages! I have too many favorites to list here but Leonie Dawson has a great free one to download (plus other goodies at that link).  If you like Leonie’s style consider her life or biz planning workbooks for your 2016 goal setting.  I will be posting about my process with that as soon as I get my 2016 books.  This is my affiliate link to buy them if you want to help me out too.
  3. Speaking of Leonie I have also been enjoying her Chakra Healing Meditation. That’s some good stuff.
  4. Making fun simple sweet things I found on Tasty. Om Nom Nom.
  5. Snuggling up with a blanket to watch old Disney movies.  Last night’s was 101 Dalmatians. With popcorn, popcorn is a must.

That’s what’s making me happy right now.  At some point soon I will give up my sandals and drinking cider on patios, but for now I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

What’s making you happy this fall?


I am afraid of burnout. I have been there and I remember how it feels. I have a great big beautiful full schedule for fall and even as I am grateful for it I am scared of it. So many factors mean I have to keep a desk job right now, I cannot be fully self employed at this time in my life. So I must devote at least some of my mental energy and time to something that I don’t actually love with all my heart. On top of that I have to make space for those things that I do love, and that I hope will eventually make it so that the things I am ambivalent about I don’t have to do anymore. Add to that activities that everyone must or wants to do and you have a dangerous cocktail. I’m sure worrying about burnout is probably not going to be a helpful thing.

I do have a plan. My non passionate work hours are down to 3 8 hour days per week. I have a standing date with my husband on Sunday and Monday nights. I have booked time to myself once per week. This is strictly play time. I will take new dance classes. I will practice whatever yoga feels good to me every day, this will be separate from practicing the yoga I will teach in classes. In all this I will be kind to myself, adjusting or breaking any rule that makes me feel like a failure or not good enough.

I am going to be OK through this because I can treat myself like the precious object that I am. Consider this your permission slip to do the same.

Come hang out with in person, yoga and dance class information is found here. Or get in contact with me for a private yoga or dance workshop.

Back to School


With the cooler weather lately it’s really started to feel like it’s time to get back to class, even though I really haven’t been away from classes all summer. I am almost done my yoga teacher training and I will begin teaching classes in September.  I am beyond excited at this new development in my life.  I am only feeling slightly overwhelmed at my fall schedule which is full, (see that picture? that’s no joke.  Also yes my desk gets messy when I work.)

When I am facing a full schedule like this I used to shut down.  Procrastinate until the issue went away.  That’s how my anxiety manifested.  This time as I face down that workload which is daunting, I have so many more tools to deal with the feeling of wanting to run away.  I KNOW I got this.  It’s a lot, but it’s going to be so good to accomplish it.

It’s appropriate that it starts in fall, it’s like harvesting seeds that I didn’t know I was planting my whole life.

And so you know and can join me in my packed schedule this fall here are my classes!

Tuesday at Serenity Wellness Center:

Introduction to Hatha Yoga 5:45 – 6:45 (10 week session Sept 15 – Nov 17) $130 plus GST – Join me for an introduction to Hatha yoga.  We will break down and practice poses and breathing techniques as well as touch on the history and philosophy of yoga.  Minimum of 4 students registered, maximum of 6.

Relaxation Yoga 7-8 (10 week session Sept 15 – Nov 17) $130 plus GST- As the evening winds down so will we.  We will use supported gentle postures and breathing techniques to help us end the evening and get ready for dreamland. Minimum of 4 students registered, maximum of 6.

Take both classes and save. $240 plus GST for both Tuesday classes.

Register Here!

Wednesday in Moose Jaw, location TBD:

Introduction to Hatha Yoga 7 – 8:30 (9 week session Sept 16 – Nov 18, no class Nov 11) cost:TBD – Join me for an introduction to Hatha yoga.  We will break down and practice poses and breathing techniques as well as touch on the history and philosophy of yoga.

Registration coming soon!

Thursday at the Elphinstone Street Seniors Center, Regina:

Beginner Belly Dance (Sept 17 to Nov 26, 2015 5:45 to 6:45 pm 11 sessions for $120) – Back to my first love, dance! Come dance with me as we explore the basics of belly dance and dip our toes into the worlds of Improvisational Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, Burlesque, Hip Hop and more. Each class will include some yoga to help strengthen and lengthen our muscles.

Register at Wild Spirit Belly Dance

Sunday at Bodhi Tree Yoga:
Bodhi-licious Yoga 1 (Sept. 6 $5 drop in class, Sept. 13 ongoing 11:45 – 1:15 see Bodhi Tree Yoga for prices and registration) – Plus size body? Great! This class is for you. Practice traditional yoga asanas, both active and restorative, all specially adapted as necessary for full-figured yogis and yoginis. Learn to stretch, strengthen, breathe, and relax, all with mindful awareness.

Register at Bodhi Tree Yoga

I can’t wait to see you in class!

Feeling Fear . . . The first Motto Monday

As part of the wonderful Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year workbooks you get to create a list of your mottos for life.  I loved this exercise and wanted to share them with whoever might be out there reading.

I took my mottos and wrote them down (in sparkly metallic marker of course!) in my moleskine so I can carry them around with me, and embellish them when I feel I want to.  Here is the first one.


Kind of a crap picture right? There’s a shadow and I took it with my phone.  It’s not really pretty and the line underneath the words is cheesy and twee.

That’s all the fear talking.  My fearful little person inside was screaming, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”.

The first part of this motto is really important for me to remember.  I can brush off fear, hide the feelings or just flat out ignore them like nobody’s business.  I have to stop and let that fear scream for a while before I really notice it even exists.  This fear is important, this fear is something my own self is saying to me and it NEEDs my attention.  Ignoring it is ignoring myself and I am trying not to do that anymore.

So I sat with my fear for a while, I felt it.  I let that little person inside me hyperventilate and run in circles and scream while I sat and watched.  I gave her all my attention for a little while.

Then I did it anyway.

And she’s quiet for now.  I’m very sure that in the shower tomorrow or during my walk to the bus she will holler about taking all this down but for now it’s out there.

And I am going to listen to this song and take a dance break. 🙂