I am afraid of burnout. I have been there and I remember how it feels. I have a great big beautiful full schedule for fall and even as I am grateful for it I am scared of it. So many factors mean I have to keep a desk job right now, I cannot be fully self employed at this time in my life. So I must devote at least some of my mental energy and time to something that I don’t actually love with all my heart. On top of that I have to make space for those things that I do love, and that I hope will eventually make it so that the things I am ambivalent about I don’t have to do anymore. Add to that activities that everyone must or wants to do and you have a dangerous cocktail. I’m sure worrying about burnout is probably not going to be a helpful thing.

I do have a plan. My non passionate work hours are down to 3 8 hour days per week. I have a standing date with my husband on Sunday and Monday nights. I have booked time to myself once per week. This is strictly play time. I will take new dance classes. I will practice whatever yoga feels good to me every day, this will be separate from practicing the yoga I will teach in classes. In all this I will be kind to myself, adjusting or breaking any rule that makes me feel like a failure or not good enough.

I am going to be OK through this because I can treat myself like the precious object that I am. Consider this your permission slip to do the same.

Come hang out with in person, yoga and dance class information is found here. Or get in contact with me for a private yoga or dance workshop.

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