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That burnout post was way too serious to leave there any more.  It’s fall and this proud “basic bitch” is so happy to embrace the comforts of this season including the PSL.  But as you can see from the photo I haven’t said “See you next year!” to all of summer yet.

This is my list of awesome stuff that I have been giving myself during my lazy, languid bouts of self care.

  1. Hot showers with this body wash.  It smells all kinds of citrusy goodness.  I would take baths but until I have a big enough bathtub to actually fit me showers it is.
  2. Coloring pages! I have too many favorites to list here but Leonie Dawson has a great free one to download (plus other goodies at that link).  If you like Leonie’s style consider her life or biz planning workbooks for your 2016 goal setting.  I will be posting about my process with that as soon as I get my 2016 books.  This is my affiliate link to buy them if you want to help me out too.
  3. Speaking of Leonie I have also been enjoying her Chakra Healing Meditation. That’s some good stuff.
  4. Making fun simple sweet things I found on Tasty. Om Nom Nom.
  5. Snuggling up with a blanket to watch old Disney movies.  Last night’s was 101 Dalmatians. With popcorn, popcorn is a must.

That’s what’s making me happy right now.  At some point soon I will give up my sandals and drinking cider on patios, but for now I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

What’s making you happy this fall?

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