Feeling Fear . . . The first Motto Monday

As part of the wonderful Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year workbooks you get to create a list of your mottos for life.  I loved this exercise and wanted to share them with whoever might be out there reading.

I took my mottos and wrote them down (in sparkly metallic marker of course!) in my moleskine so I can carry them around with me, and embellish them when I feel I want to.  Here is the first one.


Kind of a crap picture right? There’s a shadow and I took it with my phone.  It’s not really pretty and the line underneath the words is cheesy and twee.

That’s all the fear talking.  My fearful little person inside was screaming, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”.

The first part of this motto is really important for me to remember.  I can brush off fear, hide the feelings or just flat out ignore them like nobody’s business.  I have to stop and let that fear scream for a while before I really notice it even exists.  This fear is important, this fear is something my own self is saying to me and it NEEDs my attention.  Ignoring it is ignoring myself and I am trying not to do that anymore.

So I sat with my fear for a while, I felt it.  I let that little person inside me hyperventilate and run in circles and scream while I sat and watched.  I gave her all my attention for a little while.

Then I did it anyway.

And she’s quiet for now.  I’m very sure that in the shower tomorrow or during my walk to the bus she will holler about taking all this down but for now it’s out there.

And I am going to listen to this song and take a dance break. 🙂

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