New Year, New . . . Blog

Wouldn’t it be great if big changes felt more like putting burdens down instead of picking up new ones?

In the past, like most of us, I have struggled with New Years resolutions. I have made many and broken most. There is a powerful temptation at this time of year to try to renovate everything, and I still feel that urge. This year I downloaded 2 goal setting books, joined 2 facebook groups for accountability, and made 4 lists of things to do. In some ways it feels like the same old trap, all promises but nothing ultimately changes. I think I found a difference this time.

This time I don’t feel like I am fighting to change anything, this year actually feels like I am just following the path. That I stopped thinking about what I should do and starting focusing on the things that are truly important to me. And I am not TRYING to change anything, I am just not fighting the changes that are happening.

One of my dance teachers said it best in a video rant about people who give up. If you show up, you’ve done the hardest part. All you have to do is surrender from that point on. Do what is asked of you once you show up. For whatever part of your life. If you found your coach, show up and surrender to what the coach asks of you.

Now it’s more complex than that. You gotta find your coach first. I also don’t recommend turning off the brain completely, you have to filter through your own mind and honor your own intuition. But surrender to it, try it out, let the experience happen in the moment. Choose coaches you can trust and then trust them. Trust the process even if you don’t see the results right now. Get out of your own way and let the changes happen.

What are you surrendering to?